Allen P. Shapiro, DDS, LTD Reviews

Patricia Anne

Dr Shapiro been my dentist for 16 years. He is excellent and he doesn't mess around when it come to your teeth. Highly recommended.

Cammi W

Dr. Shapiro is great! I recommend him to my friends and family.

Curtis Hampton


Kelly Marie Wilusz

The Vivos Method for Children has truly made a positive impact on my child’s oral health and overall well-being. Since using the appliance, I have noticed remarkable improvements in my child’s dental alignment and bite. I witnessed a gradual correction of misaligned teeth and a harmonious alignment taking shape. As a result, my child's smile became more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Beyond the cosmetic improvements, the alignment of my child’s teeth has significantly improved my child’s bite, making chewing more comfortable and efficient.

Not only has it helped address my child’s specific dental concerns, but it has also greatly improved my child’s snoring and sleep interruptions. Before starting the Vivos Method for Children, my child struggled with snoring and restless nights, leading to daytime fatigue and difficulty concentrating. The Vivos Method for Children appliance remarkably improved my child’s ability to breathe easier at night, reducing sleep interruptions and resulting in a more restful night’s sleep for everyone.

Choosing the Vivos Method for Children over other options was an easy decision for me. Its non-invasive nature and focus on natural oral health development appealed to me. The fact that it didn’t involve surgery or uncomfortable dental devices made it the ideal choice for my child.

I am grateful for the remarkable results achieved through the Vivos Method for Children and I highly recommend it to other parents seeking effective and reliable dental solutions for their children.