Sleep Dentistry in Philadelphia

Allen P. Shapiro D.D.S. Ltd. focuses on helping those suffering from sleep apnea and other sleep related breathing disorders attributed to underdeveloped facial bones.

Upper and lower jaws that never developed to our genetic potential are a significant part of the root cause for sleep apnea and other severe health problems. Sleep apnea is associated with sudden death, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and many more.

We are excited to focus on helping people who suffer from sleep apnea, sleep- related breathing disorders, and snoring. As dentists, we are uniquely qualified to help our patients because we understand how to create devices for the oral cavity that can help treat the conditions listed above. Unlike CPAP, Inspire, and other mandibular advancement devices that act like bandages for sleep apnea, this comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment protocol, using oral appliances, creates a permanent change in the size of your jaw, oral cavity, and airway. The appliances are similar in appearance to an orthodontic palatal expander but behave much differently.

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Oral appliance therapy will encourage your airway and upper and lower jaws to enlarge towards your genetic potential. Your teeth will move with the bone, likely giving you a much broader smile. This works even if you have bridges or dental implants. A larger airway, oral cavity, and jaws can help alleviate and possibly eliminate symptoms of sleep apnea and sleep-related breathing disorders.

Oral appliance therapy is for both children and adults. The earlier we can involve children, the better. Early treatment will make it less likely they will need braces or orthodontics when they get older.

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If you’re in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, please call our office at 215-673-1333 to get more information about Sleep Dentistry in Philadelphia.